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  • Thief wool Hood
    Thief wool Hood

    Wool Hood made by our team at Dracolite. Imagined and created by our...

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  • Aragorn shirt
    Aragorn shirt

    Medieval shirt made by our team at Dracolite. Imagined and created by...

    C$ 139.00
  • Emperor shirt
    Emperor shirt

    Medieval shirt made by our team at Dracolite. Imagined and created by...

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Axes and Maces

Buy foam LARP axes and maces live action role playing online.

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  • Barbarians will naturally be drawn to this weapon because of its brutal nature. They know that the only thing better than an axe is a double-headed axe. However, many evil creatures that dwell far away from civilisation may use this weapon for its efficiency: Orcs, Goblins, even a few Trolls who learned “refined” techniques beyond crushing things with clubs.

    C$ 199.99
  • The front row isn't for you, but you still wish you could behead a few ennemies? This axe is for you. Safe warriors, organized groups and poorly-defended foot soldiers will appreciate the reach of this weapon that grants great defence while still being able to cut a man down. Armies should always have at least a company of axemen because, behind some...

    C$ 224.99
  • Skaegi, the Dane Axe, is perfect for soldiers in either a historical re-enactment or a fantasy LARP game. Since a great number of these axes could be made easily and rapidly in the medieval times, it is the right choice for a group of soldiers or a whole militia. Its Scandinavian origins also make it a great weapon for Vikings raids and conquests.

    C$ 199.99
  • It is well-known that Vikings are the best axe users of the whole world. Every warrior wishing to attain such excellence must work hard: Orcs, demon or proud defender of the realm alike. By its use as a tool, this axe will also please the simpler characters such as lumberjacks.

    C$ 149.99
  • Every warrior, historic guard member or savage Orc will appreciate this war hammer for its efficiency and simplicity of use. Peasants, merchants and mercenaries alike will also like the durability and ease of wield, however they use it : defending their harvest, merchandise or their lives themselves.

    C$ 89.99
  • This weapons can be used by a almost any character. Savage warriors, bloodthirsty monsters and dark warlords will appreciate the sound of bones breaking under it, while merchants, travelers and the greatest innkeepers will use this mace as a simple weapon that can be used without years of training.

    C$ 149.99
  • Richly adorned yet heavily brutal, this marvelous combination suits a great variety of characters, whether it’s a high priest fighting for his God, a dwarf-king bringing his kin deeper in the mountains, or the leader of a barbarian horde starving to put this hammer through the heads of a few usurping lords.

    C$ 229.99
  • Perfect for dwarven characters, this hammer will also suit brutes of a more rough nature, such as Trolls, barbarians and other monsters. Great to show some status and prestige, this LARP weapon is adapted to noblemen and women alike. However, it can also be used by the more common folk, like stoneworkers who enjoy their work.

    C$ 229.99
  • A decorated double-blade Axe that can be held with one or two hands.

    C$ 205.00
Showing 1 - 9 of 22 items