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  • Thief wool Hood
    Thief wool Hood

    Wool Hood made by our team at Dracolite. Imagined and created by our...

    C$ 60.00
  • Aragorn shirt
    Aragorn shirt

    Medieval shirt made by our team at Dracolite. Imagined and created by...

    C$ 139.00
  • Emperor shirt
    Emperor shirt

    Medieval shirt made by our team at Dracolite. Imagined and created by...

    C$ 179.00



Short Swords

Buy foam LARP short swords live action role playing online

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  • Made for smaller hands, this sword is ready to face any situation our imagination can bring. Should your child go save damsels in distress or walk the countryside, the Dragonet II is fit for the part. Also, noblemen and women of any age will appreciate its prestigious design which adds to any costume.

  • Characters inspired by eastern culture will appreciate this weapon. Noble samurais can wield it as a secondary weapon, ninjas have been known to use it while hidden in the shadows, and smaller characters such as Hobbits and Goblins, can wield them as full-length katanas.

    C$ 89.99
  • Fairly small, this weapon is designed for kids as much as for tiny characters such as Hobbits. It can also be used as a secondary weapon for two-weapons fighters or as a simple dagger for large brutes such as Orcs and other demonic creatures.

    C$ 79.99
  • With a simple design, this sword will be appreciated by all warriors that put efficiency before all. Thus, fighters and northern barbarians will use the weapon with its full potential. Finally, soldiers and other characters that are not on the front lines will be able to use this sword all their lives.

    C$ 104.99
  • Many characters need to use a weapon such as the Ragnar Dirk, especially those who will need to fight as close as possible to their ennemies. This makes the sword a great secondary weapon, and can become a primary one in the hands of a smaller character such as Goblins and Dwarves. It can also be used as a ceremonial weapon thanks to the status it confers...

    C$ 99.99
  • With our rigorous training and years of experience, our gear makes us the perfect symbol of peace and righteousness, even beyond our lands. Maybe my name won’t be remembered, but each one of us is a page in the history of our kingdom.

    C$ 109.99
  • This weapon was made with Vikings in mind. However, many other germanic characters can use it to its fullest, such as barbarians, noblemen and shieldmaidens. However, it’s not because this weapon is prestigious that Orcs and dark liches can’t profit from its sharp blade, so stay alert!

    C$ 139.99
  • This well-balanced sword bears the Roman wolf symbol upon it with silver, black, and bronze coloring. Reinforced with a fiberglass core, this foam weapon is safe for LARP combat and ideal for imperial soldier characters, guards, and mercenaries.

    C$ 169.99
  • The Katzbalger sword absolutely must be part of historical reenactors' outfits, especially those of the Renaissance. Tragic heroes will appreciate its theatrical aspect, as will some fighters and duelists who's styles and panache can't be matched. Moreover, many mages and merchants will learn to love its guard, a unique feature for a sword.

    C$ 149.99
Showing 1 - 9 of 28 items