I live in a foreign country, can i purchase your products?

If your country does not forbid the items you want to purchase, then it is possible. We have many clients from the US and Europe that buy on our website daily. We have sent our products throughout the world.

I don't want to pay on the internet. Is there another way?

You call us to pay by phone with your credit card. 

Are the prices in US dollars?

You can buy directly on our website in US dollars by selecting this currency in the top right of the page.

I want To Get My Items For A Specific Date!

If you are located in Canada or the United States, the standard position offers a system to track the package. For large orders we use UPS. If you are outside of Canada / United States, and you want to use a reliable messaging, we strongly recommend UPS.

I do not understand the ring size...

There is a conversion table sizes rings located in the info link next to the option of ring size. If in doubt, contact us!

I can't Checkout my order...

You have to be sign-up to place an order.

I Want To place A Special Order.