Although the company existed before, Dracolite was officially founded in 2003 with the sole objective to publicize internationally their historically inspired creations.

Dracolite’s first expertise is the creation of unique jewelry, and this is the path that the company followed in the early years. It was an immediate success.

Dracolite 2003

It started in a small studio in their home. The demand was so high that the owners had to quickly rent a commercial space to meet demand from clients and distributors.

The next logic step was workshop / store followed  and products of local craftsmen were added to expande the product line for customers.

Collection Gargouille

The acquisition by Dracolite of the company Épopée was a turning point because it allowed  the company to locally produce its clothing line entirely.

An alliance between Dracolite and clothing designer Véronique Lortie (founder of Collection Gargouille) cemented Dracolite’s place as the most important manufacturer of  historical inspired products in Canada

dracolite 2013

More than ten years later, Dracolite is a true reference in the historical world and continues its mission of promoting local talent in addition to exporting its products in many countries.

Dracolite’s team of passionate artisans fully intends to continue to create and make you dream for many years to come.