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  • Sylvania armor set
    Sylvania armor set

    This Armor Set does not include the chainmail or the weapons.  Full...

    C$ 454.50
  • Sylvania Bracers
    Sylvania Bracers

    This item only includes the Bracers Bracers for LARP made by our team at...

    C$ 65.00
  • Sylvania Tassets
    Sylvania Tassets

    This item only includes the Tassets Tassets for LARP made by our team at...

    C$ 75.00



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  • Scabbard only Designed and created by the Dracolite leather team, this scabbard is custom made for dark elf Duath daggers. A series of opening on the top of the sheath reveal the color of the elven blade stored inside. Ideal for :* LARP character: Dark Elf, Fighter, Rogue* Cosplay and costume* Medieval renfair, LARP and other events

    C$ 125.00
Showing 19 - 19 of 19 items