Handmade Sundial offered by our team at Dracolite. Handcrafted by skilled Spain artisans.

Ideal for :

* Larp or other event * Renaissance Decoration * Holidays and birthdays gift This beautiful portable cube sundial is based on the work of 18th-century scientist David Beringer of Nuremberg Germany. This model is a reproduction of a mobile cubic quadrant that dates back to 1736. It is made up of an articulated arm, which allows us to incline the cube in a North-South direction, and a plumb line on the eastern side that moves along a graduated scale and can be used to adapt the instrument to the latitude of the measure. Classic office sundial. It´s a Universal dial (used on all latitudes). German origin. From the end of 18th century.   This instrument is crafted of wood and brass with cotton plumb lines and articulated stem with a compass in the base.