Charmes et Sortilèges Wicca

Charmes et Sortilèges Wicca

Charmes et sortilèges Wicca.
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Olivier Michaud, gives us in this work a large part of himself. Indeed, after years of research, he decided to devote his spiritual life to Wicca witchcraft.

Yes, this is witchcraft, but not that which scares, which destroys. We will rather speak of a religion which draws its sources from pagan traditions of all origins. For this, the gods invoked could equally well be Greek, Celtic or Egyptian.

Wicca people respect life, love above all else, and live in complete harmony with nature. These witches simply wish to improve their existence and that of their loved ones by appealing to everyone’s subconscious. For this, you will have to perform some rites and incantations, prepare various potions and potions.

You will learn very precisely how:
– develop a love potion,
– thwart a spell,
– make powder against enemies
– prepare a silver attraction bath,
– create various charms: healing, to help inspiration, etc.

Thanks to this book, you will know how to realize step by step the charms and spells allowing you to overcome the tests of the life. Whether they are related to finances, love, health, spells and many other little worries.

Whether you are an initiate or a layman, this book will provide you with all the answers to the questions you ask yourself about this religion and its very powerful rituals.

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* Title : Charmes et sortilèges Wicca
* Publisher : Exclusif
* Author(s) : Michaud, Olivier
* Publication Date : 2005/10/03
* Language : French
* Dimensions : 16 x 1.5 x 23.9 cm

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Weight 300 g
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