Dernières Révélations sur le Graal

Dernières Révélations sur le Graal

Dernières révélations sur le Graal.
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The cup of Christ and its mysteries – What the Church hides – The Templars keepers of the secret.

Beyond pure symbolic research, the Holy Grail is a historical fact full of mysteries all linked to several esoteric traditions. A book that surprises and fascinates from beginning to end, lifting the veil on many hidden parts of our history and enlightening us on our spiritual future.

When approaching research on the Holy Grail, it is not possible to ignore Mary Magdalene and Joseph.
– What is the secret which surrounds Mary Magdalene and what is the Church hiding for fear of questioning its founding dogmas?
– Was she, one way or another, the custodian of the Grail?
– Should we see in this something other than the famous vessel in which the blood of Christ is said to have been collected?
– What was the exact role of Joseph of Arimathea?
– What do we know more than what the Gospels tell us?
– Where would it be hiding?
– Are the Templars the only keepers of the secret?
– What real secret does it contain?
– Are there other sources that we like to downplay and that contain, in truth, major teachings?

This book is above all concrete, through his extensive historical research, the author gives us his more than surprising conclusions and enlightens us on past and future events.

This book focuses on the material conditions of research rather than its spiritual conditions. A fascinating and unique book that takes us on the paths of the true quest for the Grail.

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* Title : Dernières révélations sur le Graal
* Publisher : Exclusif
* Author(s) : Charpentier le, Pascal
* Publication Date : 2007/01/08
* Language : French
* Dimensions : 24 x 1.4 x 16 cm

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