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Grimoire de l’Apprenti Sorcier

Grimoire de l’Apprenti Sorcier.
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Among the millions of Harry Potter fans around the world, there are many who dream of being able to bring this magic into their lives as it is practiced in the film. To know a real-world school of magic such as Hogwarts, to be a student of one of the greatest teachers of magic such as Albus Dumbledore, or to have a book that would include everything an apprentice needs know before practicing Magic …

May all these fans be reassured, Oberon Zell-Ravernheart, recognized as a true magician of modern times, wrote this essential book. And even more, he brought together some of the biggest names in the Wiccan tradition: Ellen Hopman, Raymond R Auckland, Raven Grimassi, Patricia Telesco, Jesse Wolf Hardin, into a legendary Council of Magicians (Gray Council). Each of them participated in the writing of this book by bringing together everything an apprentice magician needs to know.

This exceptional work is undoubtedly the largest amount of work ever carried out in this field.

By opening “Grimoire of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice” you will discover:
– The biography, history and legend of the most famous wizards.
– The laws and mysteries of nature.
– The detailed description of the magic tools and accessories (with the methods of manufacture and use).
– Rites and rituals.
– How to cast a spell.
– The gods and heroes of legend.
– A bestiary of mythical creatures.
– The true teachings of Magic.
– The history of some mysterious legends.
– And everything you really need to know to finally be successful in magic.

More than 1000 illustrations will help you on the paths of magical practice.

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Details :

* Title : Grimoire de l’Apprenti Sorcier
* Publisher : Cristal
* Author(s) : Zell-ravenheart
* Publication Date : 2006/12/04
* Language : French
* Dimensions : 24 x 4.1 x 17 cm

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Additional information

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 5 cm


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