Guide Pratique de la Magie Blanche pour Débutants

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Guide Pratique de la Magie Blanche pour Débutants

Guide pratique de la Magie Blanche pour Débutants
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This hands-on training course in magical processes and practices is not intended for beginners only (although it is a wonderful introduction for newbies). These are the techniques that white magicians use on a daily basis: anchoring, centering, protecting and practicing rituals designed to attract friendship, love and prosperity. These are the practical foundations of art, not because we study them and then forget about them, or because we integrate them to move on to better, more important activities, but rather because they are tools that we use and reuse. every day of our magical existence. This book includes twenty rituals focused on immediate practical results in various fields – from finding a job, to improving one’s health, to attracting a romantic partner.

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Details :

* Title : Guide Pratique de la Magie Blanche pour Débutants
* Publisher : POCHETTE
* Author(s) : Williams, Brandy
* Publication Date : 2016/01/15
* Language : French
* Dimensions : 10.7 x 1.4 x 17.8 cm

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 4 cm


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