Guide Pratique de la Magie Blanche

Guide Pratique de la Magie Blanche

Guide pratique de la Magie Blanche N.E.
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Obtain permanent and unconditional assistance from the spirits of light, come into contact with divine plans, breathe new life into your whole existence, become co-creator of your life, meet love, make money an energy circulating freely all around you, no longer knowing the lack, protecting those you love, solving your worries of a material or professional nature: nothing is impossible for divine forces.

Only the tumult of the world makes the presence of the Creator and the angelic powers imperceptible to us.

Communicate, commune with respect for the Universe with these levels of reality which are less distant from us than we think. Awakening in us the divine spark, projecting our will through the celestial spheres and finally making our most ardent desires a reality, will bring us benefits, both material and spiritual, so abundant that we cannot imagine the scope.

Stripped of all esoteric or mystical jargon, white magic appears childishly simple, which it really is. It is risk-free, since it addresses higher levels of reality and empowers you to reach your goal irrevocably. Everything you need to know to implement it can be found in this book, explained in black and white, without any ambivalence.

From protection to purification, prayers essential to the most effective incense through the efficient use of pantacles, Alexandre Travoff finally breaks the conspiracy of silence which only made this magic accessible to too rare “initiates”. Because everyone on earth has a right to their share of happiness, and we no longer have the right to hide what such “techniques” can bring us.

Each person evolving among the forces of light will evolve the whole of humanity. Growing and prospering, fully developing one’s human potential, awakening our divine selves, these are some of the main axes around which this major book is structured. Yes, the heavenly manna exists and the generosity of the Universe is far from being an empty word … you will see it by reading these pages and putting what they offer into practice.

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* Title : Guide Pratique de la Magie Blanche N.E.
* Publisher : ExclusifDupuis
* Author(s) : Travoff, Alexandre
* Publication Date : 2017/01/17
* Language : French
* Dimensions : 24 x 1.9 x 16 cm

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 25 × 17 × 4 cm


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