Gunner’s Arcane Staff

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Gunner’s Arcane Staff

Legend :

In Seyrawyn’s universe, mages can develop several specializations. For example, on the island of Arisan, becoming a Gunner Mage is synonymous with distinction. Indeed, their abilities regarding spells and combat are as famous as they are formidable.

When a community is under siege by hordes of enemies, the Gunner Mages’ role is both to advise and support the Guardians of the territory. Much appreciated during combat, a handful of these valorous mages makes all the difference between victory and defeat.

The training of these wise warrior mages is rigorous. It is divided equally between the study of energy fields and spells, and the learning of the handling of the Gunner’s Staff.

Once they can master the art of throwing the Arcane Sphere, the mages are ready. These spell-casting warriors are sure to stand out on the battlefield, and  during the Mages Games.

Composition of the Staff :

This fabulous staff comprises two distinct key elements. At the base, there is the heart of the sceptre and, at the other end, the receptacle shaped like a dragon’s head. The heart deploys its magic to the head in order to charge a magic projectile named Arcane Sphere.

The Heart of the Staff :

The heart is an arcane orb located at the lowest end of the staff. It is encased into dragon’s claws.

  • Role of the Heart: The orb is a reservoir of mana, or magic, which role is to receive the energy of the sources or magic vortex so that it can be channelled to the head of the staff.
  • Recharge of the Heart: The magic contained in the reservoir runs out according to the nature and/or the potency of the spells invoked by the Gunner Mage. In order to reanimate the heart of the sceptre, the mage must find a source where he has to practice a ritual. Thus, the arcane orb will replenish itself.

The Receptacle :

The head of the staff is the receptacle into which the energy transferred by the heart is deployed to an Arcane Sphere, a magic projectile as coveted by the Gunner Mage as it is feared by the enemy.


Since many centuries ago, when times are peaceful, Gunner Mages play to train their warriors, to heal both the body and the spirit, to entertain themselves or to solve disputes between the tribes. The challenges are thus laid down during friendly jousts named “Tewaarathon*” or Mages Games. In fact, these tournaments give the opportunity for everyone to assist to healthy competitions where strategy, teamwork and staff handling abilities.

*Tewaarathon: This native american (Mohawk) name designates the game we know today as Lacrosse.

Workshop :

Inspired by the Lacrosse stick, the Gunner’s Arcane Staff is made from a curved core sculpted from solid maple, dyed, and varnished by hand. Circled with traditional babiche, the dyed leather pocket is attached to the wooden stick by leather lacing. On this frame, grips in the shape of a dragon were casted in Calimacil foam for an unequalled durability.

Measurements :

* Weight (g): 1050
* Total Length (cm): 120
* Head Length (cm): 62
* Head Thickness (cm): 9
* Distance between the grips (cm): 42
* Pommel Length (cm): 16
* Material: Maple wood, Leather, Galvanized eyelets, Babiche, Calimacil foam

Approximate price in:
€179.27 EUR | $185.98 USD

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Details :

* A soft and resisting tip
* One year limited warranty against workmanship defects
* Made in Canada

Handmade item : small variations in colouring are possible

Maintenance :

“No maintenance required! No need to add powder, silicon, or extra coating. You can also slip your weapon into a leather sheath without the risk of damaging it as it is highly resistant to friction.
No coating is used. Even if it is severed by a steel knife, the foam maintains its strength and remains safe.”

Instructions for use :

* Hold the handle; strike with the blade while controlling your strength.
* Do not use the weapon as a walking stick.
* Avoid forcing the weapon or bending it like a bow as tiny cracks may appear in the rod and cause the weapon to be fragile.
* Avoid hitting against hard, sharp, or massive objects (i.e. concrete wall, boulder, sharp blade, tree, carts, war machines, etc).
* Avoid blows to the head and face.
* Do not place in a fire.
* Do not glue or repair the blade with materials that harden.
* Do not use if the product is damaged.

Shipping :

* Item in stock : Shipped within 2 to 5 days
* Item not in stock : Shipped within 4 to 6 weeks

If you have questions about specific products, sizes or shipping/production delays please contact us!

Additional information

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 120 × 30 × 15 cm


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