La Chronique universelle de Nuremberg 1493

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La Chronique universelle de Nuremberg 1493

La Chronique universelle 1493.
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Unmissable historical reference: the world seen by Hartmann Schedel in 1493 Hartmann Schedel’s Weltchronik or Chronicle of the World (better known today as the Chronicle of Nuremberg, after the city where it was created) is an encyclopedic work revolutionary, which in its time was the most richly illustrated book ever published in Europe.

Both a historical reference and an inventory of urban culture at the end of the 15th century, the Chronicle would exert a prodigious influence on the cultural, ecclesiastical and intellectual history of the Middle Ages. It was distinguished in particular by its impressive number of woodcuts (over 1,800) depicting scenes from the Bible, human atrocities, portraits of kings, queens, saints and martyrs and allegorical paintings of miracles, as well as only views of a good number of “modern” cities, many of which had never before been the subject of such illustrations.

Today, copies of the Chronicle are worth some 600,000 euros. We obtained a very valuable hand-colored copy, faithful to the original in every detail, which was used to make a complete facsimile of exceptional quality. In case you’re not reading the Early New High German, the comprehensive booklet with summaries of the main stories in the book will make it easy for you to explore this incredible historical masterpiece.

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* Title : La Chronique universelle 1493 
* Publisher : Taschen
* Author(s) : Hartmann Schedel
* Publication Date : 2013/08/14
* Language : French
* Dimensions : 22.4 x 6.6 x 31.3 cm

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