La Duchesse’s Scabbard

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La Duchesse’s Scabbard

The Battle of Bicolline’s 25th Anniversary Sword Scabbard

Legend :

The general was standing in front of his troops, glancing over the mismatched ranks of this army he was about to lead into the fields for the Great Battle, numerous guilds from across the duchy sending their best for him to command and guide toward victory. Over the years, this hardened veteran fought in dozens of military campaigns, watching allies switch camp over promises of land and prestige, and joining forces with former foes against common enemies. At first, he was a mere pikeman, conscripted to bring more boots on the battlefield. However, after decades spent walking the Duchy’s roads, he gained the respect not only of his fellow guild folks, but also of his neighbours, accumulating allies and influence. Now, this old fox was waging war with diplomacy and intrigue as much as with might and sword. After 25 years of honing his craft, he was at the top of his game. This time, on the eve of the battle of a generation, it was a whole coalition he was bringing behind him.

Description :

This luxury leather scabbard was created in collaboration between Les Artisans d’Azure, Calimacil, and Dracolite to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Bicolline’s Battle. Decorated by a rich dye and laser engraved patterns, this scabbard presents a prestigious finish making it a great accessory for diplomatic and ceremonial events, while also being of practical use on the battlefield. Created to carry the anniversary sword by Calimacil, this scabbard keeps the blade tightly in place thanks to its golden elastomer chapes and support leather strap. Its aristocratic appearance makes it a perfect choice for a noble, merchant, knight, prince, general, or any member of the upper class in LARP.

Characteristics :

* Chape and locket in gold elastomer by Calimacil
* Vegetable leather 5-6 oz / 2mm
* Vegetable leather 9-10 oz / 4mm
* Antique gold rivets and eyelets
* Maximum belt width : 9 cm (3 1/2 in)

Approximate price in:
€123.19 EUR | $132.2 USD

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Details :

* 100% original and unique design
* High quality leather
* Developped in collaboration between the Duché de Bicolline, Les Artisans d’Azure, Dracolite, and Calimacil
* Made in Canada

Handmade item : Slight variations in color are possible


* Leather products must be stored in a clean and dry environment to prevent mold or premature ageing on the leather.
* Before placing a wet item in storage, dry it in its original form in open air.
* A wax specially made for leather (found at any shoemaker) may be applied periodically to ensure its durability.

Warranty :

We trust our products, which is why we offer a one-year (365-day) limited warranty on our products from the date of purchase. This warranty of 365 days does not cover normal wear and tear of the product, including the wear resulting from the natural deterioration of the materials during fighting. Any modifications brought to the product will result in the cancellation of the warranty. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abnormal or contrary to the purpose of the product.

Shipping :

* Item in stock : Shipped within 1 to 2 weeks
* Item not in stock : Production time 6 to 10 weeks

If you have questions about specific products, sizes or shipping/production delays please contact us!

Additional information

Weight 7500 g
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 20 cm


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