L’Âge d’Or Capétien 1180-1328

L’Âge d’Or Capétien 1180-1328

L’âge d’or capétien 1180-1328.
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A long thirteenth century marks the golden age of the Capetian dynasty. Until around 1270, it benefited from a strong agricultural dynamic, as well as a diversified technical revolution, which found its best expression in the flowering of cathedrals. The – relative – prosperity of the countryside is the basis of the development of trade and towns. International trade has its centers in Flanders and Champagne.

The time knows a certain happiness of living which can be seen in courtly literature and Gothic sculpture. At the same time, the monarchy gradually builds a territory and a state. However, after 1270, the crisis of the feudal system caused famines, unemployment and social unrest, preliminary to the difficulties of the 14th century. However, the monarchical power continues to strengthen. The characteristic pair of the future modern State then appears: war and taxation. Maps, texts and iconography combine to put the reader on the same level as one of the “great centuries” of French history.

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* Title : L’âge d’or capétien 1180-1328
* Publisher : Belin Editeur
* Author(s) : Cassard, Jean-Christophe
* Publication Date : 2014/11/14
* Language : French
* Dimensions :‎ 14.2 x 2.7 x 19.2 cm

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