Les Animaux Totems

Les Animaux Totems

Les animaux totems.
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First Nations have an intimate understanding of the correspondence between the nature of humans and the nature of animals. For them, the particular skills and behaviors of animals resonate with this same potential within us. However, some are more in harmony with us. Knowing and nurturing them gives us more strength, stability, power, balance and co-creation potential. Thus, the importance of the totem animal becomes apparent.

All the animal totems are carriers of very specific lessons. If we take the time to understand these teachings, they will empower us to better situate ourselves in the world. Totem animals give us benchmarks, unique gifts and responsibilities that are specific to our achievement as humans. The interior animal totem is the being of the animal world that most resembles us on the psychological level.

After helping us find our animal totem and learn how to work with it, the author describes, in just words, the characteristics of 43 known animals and provides us with their symbolism. The focus is on the strengths of these animals and the teaching they have to offer us. Les Animaux Totems bear witness to the wisdom and ancestral Amerindian knowledge, but also to the experience of a man who has great respect for the animal world and nature.

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* Title : Les animaux totems
* Publisher : Dauphin Blanc
* Author(s) : Aigle Bleu
* Publication Date : 2015/10/06
* Language : French
* Dimensions : 14 x 1.5 x 21.6 cm

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