Medium Brighella

Medium Brighella

Character : Brighella is one of the oldest and truest representation of the buffoon servant of Italian repertoire. His name comes from “briga”, quarrelsome. Just like Harlequin, he comes from Bergamo in Lombardy, but he is far more astute since he lives in the “upper” city. He defines himself as follows: “I am famous for the best of treacheries since I invented them all.” Frauds, intrigues are his brand name.

Capable of anything, cunning as a fox, impudent with women, ultra brave when he has nothing to fear, thanks to his smooth tongue, his talents as a musician and dancer, and an uncanny ability, Brighella can render multiple services. He finds himself perfectly able to carry out any and all occupations and becomes, in turn, according to the needs of the moment, bar owner, sergeant, clerk or servant. He arranges marriages and manipulates his Masters without scruple.

Costume and Mask : He wears a coat and an odd hat in the shape oa a cap, with green tassels. A purse and a dagger hang from his belt. His dark or greenish mask is coarser than Harlequin’s. He sports a large handle-bar moustache. He has prominent eyebrows and deep-set eyes

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€76.98 EUR | $83.75 USD

If you purchase this product you will earn 1150-1500 Points worth $5.75-$7.50!
If you purchase this product you will earn 1150-1500 Points worth $5.75-$7.50!


Atelier Pirate masks are very durable and are suitable to be worn by students as part of a theater class in a school, by professional actors on stage or by those looking to stand out at a ball masked or a Larping event.

Ideal for :

* Theatre, Troop, Commedia Dell’Arte
* Masquerade and Halloween Costume
* Larp, Cosplay and Costumes

Details :

* 100% original and unique design
* Handmade by Atelier Pirate
* High quality materials
* Made in Canada

Handmade item : Slight variations in color are possible

Color :

With a wide variety of main colors and accents, you can create the mask that’s right for you.

Craftsmanship and characteristics of the materials :

Our masks are made of latex, a material that gives softness and comfort as well as resistance. In fact, as you wear it, your own body temperature increases its flexibility. They are enhanced by beautiful colors. Several techniques of acrylic coloration are chosen to give each one of them their own warmth and expression.

Wearing the mask :

All our masks are offered with elastic bands and a cord stopper, which greatly facilitates its adjustment for the masked game. You can buy spare stopper and elastics in our shop.

Shipping :

* Item in stock : Shipped within 1 to 2 weeks
* Item not in stock : Production time 6 to 8 weeks

If you have questions about specific products, sizes or shipping/production delays please contact us!

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 10 cm
Primary Color (Mask)

01- White, 02- Patinated White, 03- Indigo Blue, 04- Light Brown, 05- Brown, 06- Dark Brown, 07- Greenish Brown, 08- Flesh, 09- Patinated Black, 10- Burgundy, 11- Red, 12- Dark Red, 13- Patinated Red, 14- Old Bone, 15- Silver, 16- Bluish Silver, 17- Metallic Blue, 18- Metallic Burgundy, 19- Bronze, 20- Copper, 21- Oxidized Copper, 22- Gold, 23- Metallic Red, 24- Metallic Turquoise, 25- Metallic Green