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Nordic Torc Bracelet

Medieval Torc Bracelet offered by our team at Dracolite.
Imagined and created by A.E. Williams.

Ideal for :

* Viking Costume
* Larp, Cosplay & costumes
* Everyday wear because you are unique!

Our Pewter Torc Bangles are made entirely by hand using the finest British Pewter.

This design features a celtic ribbon type pattern with two Nordic Dragon Heads sitting at either end. The Bangles are flexible so that they will fit a variety of wrists- make sure to be very gentle when opening the bangle.

They make a lovely accessory with almost every outfit and can be worn by anyone!

For the Iron Age Celts the gold torc seems to have been a key object, identifying the wearer as a person of high rank, and many of the finest works of ancient Celtic art are torcs. The Celtic torc disappears in the Migration Period, but during the Viking Age torc-style metal necklaces, now mainly in silver, came back into fashion. Torc styles of neck-ring are found as part of the jewellery styles of various other cultures and periods.

Approximate price in:
€21.51 EUR | $22.32 USD

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Details :

* 100% original and unique design
* High quality materials
* Made in England

Shipping :

* Item in stock : Shipped within 1 to 2 weeks
* Item not in stock : Production time 2 to 8 months

If you have questions about specific products, sizes or shipping/production delays please contact us!

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 1 × 10 × 2 cm


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