Petit Dico des Cristaux

Petit Dico des Cristaux

Petit Dico des cristaux.
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We are all fascinated by minerals. Whether they are precious (diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby ​​…) or semi-precious, their physical appearance, their often unique colors, take us on a journey into an unreal world, unsuspected and often full of mystery. How to explain this attraction that we all have for a peridot rather than an amethyst? A rock crystal rather than a tiger’s eye? This practical Petit Dico des cristaux, easy to interpret, has drawn up for you the “identity card” of more than 200 stones. He delivers to you like an ordinance the qualities, the functions, the powers and the way of using them for our greater good, because beyond their physical aspect, all these small stones – thanks to their natural virtues – can according to the cases we get out of the woods in a lot of difficult situations whether physical or moral. The sine qua non is to choose which of these stones will offer you the most guarantee as to the action to be taken.

This is precisely the role that the author of this little book has set for himself, which will undoubtedly delight those ready to attempt the extraordinary adventure of this little-known treasure that constitutes the enchanted world of natural stones. A useful classified book in the field of crystals.

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* Title : Petit Dico des cristaux
* Publisher : Exclusif
* Author(s) : Mégemont, Florence
* Publication Date : 2018/08/28
* Language : French
* Dimensions : 16 x 1.9 x 14.1 cm

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 17 × 15 × 4 cm


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