Traité de Combat Médiéval

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Traité de Combat Médiéval

Traité de combat médiéval.
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This work is a combat manual as it was practiced in Europe, and more particularly in Catalonia, in the Middle Ages.

At this time, the combatant has his own experience of war and then, when he obtains recognition for his skill in combat, teaches his acquired knowledge. The warriors of the time had no education, this being the specifics of the clerics. The techniques are transmitted orally, which is why very few textbooks have come down to us. It is thanks to the study of these rare writings (Talhoffer, Flos duellatorum in armis …) that we have been able to “reinvent” the methods of combat of yesteryear.

This book presents effective techniques but also performance techniques. They do not pretend to deliver a truth about the art of weapons but rather to propose a way of approaching medieval fencing. This empirical method is intended to be accessible to all. You will discover, over the course of these pages, the forms of combat with one weapon, shield and sword, two weapons, spear

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* Title : Traité de Combat Médiéval
* Publisher : Budo
* Author(s) : Patrouix-Gracia, Olivier
* Publication Date : 2009/04/07
* Language : French
* Dimensions : 23.9 x 1.3 x 16.9 cm

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