Vadi, L’Art de Combattre du Spadassin

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Vadi, L’Art de Combattre du Spadassin

Vadi, L’Art de Combattre du Spadassin.
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Written between 1482 and 1487, De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi (The Art of fighting of Gladiator) is a treatise detailing the combat with the long sword, with the dagger, with bare hands, with the ax. This unique work is the testimony of the conceptualization of the principles of fencing by the Italians during their Renaissance. It presents, side by side, the original 15th century Pisan manuscript of Maestro Philippo Vadi and the modern practical explanations of Master Olivier Patrouix-Gracia, illustrated by more than 500 period photos. All the techniques represented in this work are part of a purely martial tradition of combat of the time, the mortal purpose of which is in no way artistic, even if the work shines with undeniable spiritual richness and deepens the origin of current sword fighting techniques. Cornerstone of HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), Master Vadi’s treatise offers practitioners of medieval fencing, researchers of the art of combat, historians as well as lovers of ancient Europe, an incomparable source of knowledge. Along with Hans Talhoffer’s treatise (Medieval combat through the judicial duel, 1443-1467), it is one of the few French-language works on the subject and is therefore essential in the library of researchers in European history.

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* Title : Vadi, L’art de combattre du Spadassin
* Publisher : Budo
* Author(s) : Vadi, Philippo –  Patrouix-Garcia, Olivier
* Publication Date : 2014/01/14
* Language : French
* Dimensions :‎ 29.7 x 4.5 x 22.9 cm

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