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Vies Antérieures – Guide pratique

Vies antérieures – Guide pratique.
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If you think you have read everything about the world of Beyond and Reincarnation, you are not at the end of your surprises … Taking the wrong way of many received ideas, but never trying to convince at all price, this book finally dares to engage where very few have ventured, convinced that much more than learned speeches, only personal experience will be able to demonstrate to the reader the indisputable reality of its previous existences.

What does Reincarnation really consist of? What is the Law of Karma? What is the role of our free will? What are the big mistakes of the reincarnationists? To all these questions and many others, Stéphane Marquis answers unvarnished, in precise and argued pages, never failing to underline the importance of living in the present. An assertion which in turn raises other questions: what is the usefulness of “regressions”? Is every human being able to practice them or not? A seasoned practitioner, he demonstrates that each of us has the choice of whether or not to lift the veil, to manage his karmic debt as he pleases, but that becoming aware of his previous lives is above all knowing the underlying reasons for our behaviors in order to better experience the present.

But the strength of this work lies mainly in its second part: it shows us how, by simple methods, without guru or false prophet, each of us can lift the veil of our previous lives. Each practical exercise has the most precise instructions for use and does not require, at the base, any particular knowledge. Thus, you will know concretely that death is only a passage and will learn to manage your karma on a daily basis, to establish more harmonious relationships with those around you, overcome your apprehensions and exceed your limits.

Far from being an ultimate plea in favor of Reincarnation, “Practical Guide to Past Lives” gives its readers all the keys, hitherto hidden or transmitted in a too fragmentary way, to see for themselves its disturbing reality and this, whatever their original beliefs on the subject.

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* Title : Vies antérieures – Guide pratique
* Publisher : Cristal
* Author(s) : Marquis, Stéphane
* Publication Date : 2018/08/28
* Language : French
* Dimensions : 24 x 1.7 x 16.1 cm

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 25 × 17 × 4 cm


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