Le Livre des Sagesses Ancestrales

Le Livre des Sagesses Ancestrales

Le livre des sagesses ancestrales.
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Historically, long before the emergence of modern communication technologies, people have been able to pass on their knowledge from generation to generation, the fruit of long experiments or dazzling discoveries. Despite the upheavals of history, this tenuous thread of knowledge has never been broken. Acupuncture, aromatherapy, mud baths, hypnosis, iridology, fasting, music therapy, oligotherapy, silence
… all these practices, all these concepts have an origin that sometimes goes back to the dawn of time. In an ultra-connected world where everything is going faster and faster, we often forget that we are the heirs of this ancestral knowledge which has been transmitted over the centuries to the present day. This book invites you on a fascinating journey through time, to rediscover this fabulous heritage.
May we derive wisdom from this to pass on to the generations that will succeed us.


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* Title : Le livre des sagesses ancestrales
* Publisher : Rustica
* Author(s) : Baudouin, Bernard
* Publication Date : 2019/11/26
* Language : French
* Dimensions : 19 x 2.4 x 27 cm

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