Les Pouvoirs Magiques des Crânes de Cristal

Les Pouvoirs Magiques des Crânes de Cristal

Les Pouvoirs Magiques des Crânes de Cristal.
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A very old Mayan legend attached to the crystal skulls claims that when the thirteen skulls are brought together, they will reveal the secrets of Life. Should we therefore expect answers to some of the great mysteries that still haunt our modern societies? Inherited from the Atlanteans, these skulls come from “initiators from heaven.”

Still, these extraordinary skulls which are said to be endowed with high mediumistic powers never cease to intrigue. Scientists, mediums and others, work on the subject and this in all discretion, certain that the “mystery of the crystal skulls” really exists and obviously remains to be discovered.

Stéphane Crussol, convinced of the merits of the many research undertaken, resolutely looked into the subject. He quickly realized the advisability of using crystal skulls to engage – in complete safety – in various operations in various fields and the most subtle.

He therefore engaged, alone, in operations consisting in programming rock crystal skulls to place them in a position to act in many personal areas, sometimes inextricable.

He delivers to you here, without any restraint, the fruit of his labor, in the form of precise rituals, easy to implement and which only require a few minutes of attention. These rituals are described here (device in support) so that everyone can, in all serenity, profitably use this quite exceptional power which emerges from the crystal skulls.

Among the many topics covered, protection plays an important role. But, aware of the difficulties encountered by many of us, the author has seen fit to deal in depth with other areas such as feelings, work, the development of paranormal faculties, the exploration of past lives, contacts with beyond, remote influence … which will undoubtedly be able to help users.

With Les Pouvoirs Magiques des Crânes de Cristal, you have in hand, the first practical guide on the use of crystal skulls. An appointment not to be missed!

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Details :

* Title : Les Pouvoirs Magiques des Crânes de Cristal
* Publisher : Cristal
* Author(s) : Crussol, Stéphane
* Publication Date : 2008/02/11
* Language : French
* Dimensions : 24 x 1.3 x 16 cm

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 25 × 17 × 4 cm


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